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TMF API Reference : TMF - 621 Trouble Ticket

Release : 19.0 - June 2019

The Trouble Ticket API provides a standardized client interface to Trouble Ticket Management Systems for creating, tracking and managing trouble tickets as a result of an issue or problem identified by a customer or another system. Examples of Trouble Ticket API originators (clients) include CRM applications, network management or fault management systems, or other Trouble Ticket management systems (e.g. B2B).

The API supports the ability to send requests to create a new trouble ticket specifying the nature and severity of the trouble or issue as well as all necessary related information. The API also includes mechanisms to search for and update existing trouble tickets. Notifications are defined to provide information when a trouble ticket has been updated, including status changes. A basic set of states of a trouble ticket has been specified (as an example) to handle trouble ticket lifecycle management. Trouble Ticketing API manages trouble ticket resource:

  • A trouble ticket represents a record, or an issue raised by requestor that need to be solved, used for reporting and managing the resolution of problems, incidents or request - Main trouble ticket attributes are its description, severity, type, related dates (creation, expected resolution, resolution), state and related information (change reason and change date), related parties (originator, owner, reviser, etc.), related entities (product, product order, customer bill) and notes Trouble Ticket API performs the following operations on trouble ticket - Retrieval of a trouble ticket or a collection of trouble ticket depending on filter criteria - Partial update of a trouble ticket - Creation of a trouble ticket - Notification of events on trouble ticket: o Trouble ticket state change o Trouble ticket change o Trouble ticket resoled o Trouble ticket created o Trouble ticket Information required

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