A quick how-to guide to get you started building with the Totogi API Platform Preview Edition

Not a Totogi API Developer? Contact us for free access to our Preview Edition and start experimenting with Totogi APIs.

These simple steps will make sure you have everything you need to start building with Totogi API Platform.

Navigating Around

On the left hand side you'll find the index of available APIs with reference documentation. You can also try the APIs using interactive API console within the documentation.

About Totogi Preview Release

As defined in the preview edition software agreement you have previously signed, Totogi API is currently in limited preview. By using the preview edition, developers agree that:

  1. Documentation is incomplete and will be constantly updated as we develop the platform. Your questions and feedback will help us improve it rapidly;
  2. Data may be deleted without warning or notice;
  3. The Totogi team will not provide any restoration of previously used environments;
  4. Developers are not building production systems before they enter into a commercial agreement;
  5. Functionality is limited to the implementations of the TM Forum APIs for reading and writing domain specific data.