Service Qualification Management (4.0.0)

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TMF API Reference: TMF645 - Service Qualification

Version 4.0

Service Qualification API is one of Pre-Ordering Management API Family. Service Qualification API goal is to provide service technical eligibility. Since v4 the API is split in 2 resources to distinguish specific service qualification request to be performed on a described configurated service (or a list of configured services) from a retrieval of services eligible for a given context. The API allows to manage synchronous as asynchronous eligibility response (eligibility provided in POST response or later with an id and state provided ).

CheckServiceQualification Resource

This resource is use to check a configured service eligibility (or a list of service). A qualification result is provided in response. Requested could ask for unavailability reason and/or for alternate proposal

TMF645 performs the following operations on the check service qualification resource :

  • Retrieve a checkServiceQualification or a collection of checkServiceQualification depending on filter criteria
  • Partial update of a checkServiceQualification
  • Create a checkServiceQualification (including default values and creation rules)
  • Delete a checkServiceQualification (for administration purposes)
  • Manage notification on checkServiceQualification

Query Service Qualification resource

Query Service Qualification is used to retrieve a list of service eligible in a given request provided by requester (via searchCriteria).

TMF645 performs the following operations on a query service qualification resource:

  • Retrieval a queryServiceQualification or a list of queryServiceQualification
  • Partial update of a queryServiceQualification
  • Creation of a queryServiceQualification
  • Deletion of a queryServiceQualification
  • Notification on queryServiceQualification

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