API ServiceOrdering (4.1.0)

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TMF API Reference : TMF 641 - Service Ordering Management

Version 4.1

The Service Order API provides a standardized mechanism for managing Service Order, a type of order which can be used to place an order between internal Customer Order management system to service order management system or between a service provider and a partner and vice versa.

Service Order resource

A service order will describe a list of service order items. A service order item references an action on an existing or future service. By service we designed Customer Facing Service (CFS) as well as Resource Facing Service (RFS). From a component perspective, a service order should be available

  • from a Service Orchestration Component (and it could mix CFS and RFS)
  • from an Infrastructure Control & Management component (and it would have only RFS)

TMF641 performs the following operations on service order resource :

  • Retrieval of a service order or a collection of service orders depending on filter criteria
  • Partial update of a service order (including updating rules)
  • Creation of a service order (including default values and creation rules)
  • Deletion of service order (for administration purposes)
  • Notification of events on Service order

Cancel Service Order resource

This resource is used to request a service order cancellation.

TMF641 provides following operations on Cancel Service Order resource :

  • Retrieval of a cancel service order or a collection of cancel service orders
  • Creation of a cancel service order
  • Notification of events on cancel service order.

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