Service Inventory Management (4.0.0)

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TMF API Reference : TMF 638 - Service Inventory Management

Version 4.0

The intent of this API is to provide a consistent/standardized mechanism to query and manipulate the Service inventory.

The Service Inventory API can be used to query the service instances for a customer via Self Service Portal or the Call Centre operator can query the service instances on behalf of the customer while a customer may have a complaint or a query. Note: Only the CustomerFacingServices instances will be presented to the customer.

The Service Inventory API can be called by the Service Order Management to create a new service instance/ update an existing service instance in the Service Inventory.

Service resource

Service is an abstract base class for defining the Service hierarchy. All Services are characterized as either being possibly visible and usable by a Customer or not. This gives rise to the two subclasses of Service: CustomerFacingService and ResourceFacingService.

Service Inventory API performs the following operations on service :

  • Retrieve a service or a collection of services depending on filter criteria
  • Partial update of a service (including updating rules)
  • Create a service (including default values and creation rules and for administration users only)
  • Delete a service (for administration users only)
  • Notification of events on service

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