Product Offering Qualification (4.0.0)

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TMF API Reference : TMF 679 - Product Offering Qualification

Release : 19.0 - June 2019

Product Offering Qualification API provides Product Offering commercial eligibility. This API allows to • request a specific productOffering eligibility • look for productOffering eligibles (ot not) from a product category • look for productOffering eligibles (or not) from a productspec description. Because the API allows describing product from the inventory, it is also possible to use it to retrieve productOffering available to complete existing product.

Product Offering Qualification resource A Task-based resouce to manage the qualification request. It has a status to monitor progress.

Product Offering Qualification API performs the following operations on product offerring qualification (POQ):

  • Retrieval of a POQ or a collection of POQ depending on filter criteria
  • Partial update of a POQ (including updating rules and for administration purpose)
  • Creation of a POQ (including default values and creation rules and for administration purpose)
  • Deletion of a POQ (for administration purposes)
  • Notification of events on POQ.

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